Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Solutions
Update on Coronavirus
We are committed to the safety and well being for all our members, medical facilities, and transportation providers and therefore have initiated the following steps at all of our locations. Members, medical facilities, and transportation providers have been advised to follow normal procedures with regards to requesting transportation, reaching out for any transportation issues, or to report cancelations.

Supporting Members
We know that getting to and from your appointments is important. Please continue to contact IntelliRide to schedule rides just as you normally would. If you can’t make an appointment or no longer need to take a trip, please let us know so that we can cancel your ride.

If you believe you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms and need transportation to be tested, we ask that you notify us when arranging for transportation. This will help ensure we are providing you with specific instructions needed on the day of transport and help us to protect the well-being of the driver that is assigned to your transportation.

Supporting Our Employees
In order to minimize disruption in services, IntelliRide has begun offering voluntary work-from-home opportunities for call center staff starting today. Our corporate IT, legal, risk, and operations teams worked all last week and well into the weekend to ensure that these plans include adequate, detailed instructions to employees along with increased oversight for quality, and productivity measurements. Employees have been asked to stay home if they are sick. Management is accommodating staff whom may not have sick time or vacation time available.

  • All IntelliRide locations are cleaned or sanitized several times throughout the day to include wiping down desk services, common areas, restrooms, doors, handrails, or any other surface that is touched often.
  • Employees are receiving communication daily from local operations, and corporate through many methods of communication (email, website, meetings, etc.).
  • IntelliRide leadership has a daily call to discuss local operation impacts, communication strategies, and any additional action items needed.
Supporting Medical Facilities
IntelliRide is continuing to operate trips as scheduled. If your facility needs to close, please contact us directly so that we can cancel scheduled trips to your location. The CDC has issued guidance on how medical facilities should prepare and manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

Supporting Our Transportation Providers
We are working closely with our transportation providers on steps and actions they can take to help protect their employees and members they are transporting on a daily basis.

  • Maintaining good hygiene by washing hands frequently, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people.
  • Disinfection of vehicle procedures and checklist.
  • Reporting of any known incident of transporting a member/passenger that has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Ensuring they notify IntelliRide of any employees at their location that have tested positive for COVID-19 so we can notify others who have been in contact with employee (IntelliRide, Medical Facilities, and members).
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Solutions